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Amravati Road Branch Events


Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass’ newly elected Student Council was sworn in on the 29th of June, 2018. They received their badges and sashes are ready to discharge their duties.
Executive Director of Centre Point Group of Schools, Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee Ma’am graced the occasion and shared words of encouragement with the children.
We wish the Student Council  the best in their endeavours!




 International Yoga Day

Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass observed International Yoga Day on the 21st of June, 2018.On the occassion, the students of class VIII performed various Yogasanas viz. Tadasana, Vrukshsana, Pad-Hastasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Trikonasana, Dandasana, Bhadrasana, Titali asana, Vajrasana, Vakrasana, Gopurvasana, Kandharasana and Shavasana as well as the Pranayam.The children performed all the yogasanas with enthusiasm.


The inter-school sports fiesta Censports was hosted by Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass from 26th to 28th July, 2017. This year the number of participants increased and we had 600 sports enthusiasts from 33 schools around the city competing for top honours. 

The Centre Pointers put up an excellent display of skills and won prizes at various events.

The gymnasts for their excellent performance as a team won the  – The Censports Gymnastics Championship trophy.

The girls and boys Futsal teams qualified for the finals, won them and also lifted the Censports Futsal Championship Trophy. The School’s Lawn Tennis team shared the Censports Lawn Tennis Championship Trophy with Sandipani Hazaripahad.

The scores combined, Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass emerged as the winner of the Censports 2017.

The School congratulates all the winners and participants of Censports. 

The young artists of classes IV and V took the audience on a tour de Incredible India on 5th August, 2017. The colourful ensembles, the mesmerising dance performances, the melodious songs, the thought provoking plays enabled the audience to witness the beauty and diversity of our motherland.

The Interact Orientation Programme was held on 5th August, 2017 at St. Ursula Girls High School, Nagpur. During the event, Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass’ Interact Club 2016-17 was declared the best for the enthusiasm and dedication they had shown while doing their bit for the society.

Hearty Congratulations to the Interact team!

The patriotic songs, ‘Saare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamara’, ‘Kabhi Na Jhukne Paaye Apne Shaan Ka Jhanda’,
‘Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja’; Sana Wankhede’s speech on the significance of Independence Day,
class V’s tribute to our soldiers and patriotic fervour marked the Independence Day celebrations at
Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass on 15th August, 2017.

Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass celebrated Sanskrit Diwas on 29th August, 2017. A spree of events were conducted in the morning assembly to depict the beauty of Sanskrit. The thought for the day and the news were read in Sanskrit. The Sanskrit birthday song, ‘Sudinam Sudinam Janmadinam’ was sung. This was followed by the Suryashtakam, a skit depicting the importance of vegetables and the Varnamala Geet. The House Captains also read the pledge in Sanskrit. 



















Founder’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at CPS, AB on 18th August, 2017.

The young artists from classes I to V showcased the best of their creativity with the use of craft material.
An elocution was organised for the students of class VI and VII.
A Digital presentation event was conducted for the students of class VIII on 22nd and 23rd August, 2017.
Students of classes IX and X were allotted different areas. They worked together to give the canteen, the medical room (Cencare Centre), the Swimming pool area, and the Boiology and Chemistry laboratory a new look.
On the 18th of August, students of classes VIII, IX and X wrote slogans on Ban Plastic, No Honking and the Importance of English respectively.

CPS, AB – Class I Project Display

The project display for classes II and I was held at Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass on 7th and 8th September, 2017 respectively. The projects were a display of creativity as well as the skills and knowledge the children gained in the process. The children and teachers dug deeper to know more and experiment with the topic selected by the respective classes viz. 
IA  Plates
IB  Spoon and Fork
IC  Straw
ID  Glasses
IE  Bowls


CPS, AB – Class II Project Display

II A Fish
II B Feathers
II C Birds
II D Insects
II E Pets

The School appreciates and acknowledges the support and co-operation extended by all

the parents in making the learning by doing process a memorable one.

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on the 14th of November, 2017. A fete was organised by the School wherein food and games’ stalls were put up. The children enjoyed their day playing games at stalls, feasting on the snacks and goodies, and dancing to the tunes of their favourite songs.

Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass had hosted the ‘Career Counselling Symposium for Senior Students.’ Around 400 students along with their teachers from schools and junior colleges in the city had gathered at the host school on the 7th of November, 2017 to be a part of the symposium.

Dr. V. S. Ravindran, Director-General ICTRC, Prof. Keshav Singh, National Co-ordinator of ICTRC, and Mr. Yusuf Lokhandwala, IIHM Pune, Marketing Executive and Faculty – Rooms Division were the expert facilitators for the sessions. Mrs. Radhika Rajwade, Managing Director of the Centre Point Group of Schools, Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director of the Centre Point Group of Schools, and Mrs. Radhika Mehra, Principal, Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass were among the dignitaries present for the symposium.

The symposium aimed at providing a platform for the students to interact with career counsellors, experts from diverse fields, leading institutions of higher education so that they are able to make a well-informed career choice. The students and the teachers had a fruitful and insightful experience at the symposium.

Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass’ Indian Music choir has won accolades in the Centunes, an inter-school musical extravaganza hosted by Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar. 
Oumar Owais and Keerti Likhita emerged as the First Runners-up of the Junior duet competition. 

The choir also secured the second position for their melodious presentation. The choir comprised Ekam Singh, Dhruvin Rawell, Sparsh Mundhada, Kritika Verma, Aarya Bhaskar, Keerti Likhita, Suhani Nankani, Pratiksha Shukla, Tanay Kalda, Maithili Nitey, Bhavesh Kubde, Tanisha Panpaliya, Kashyapi Kokate, Disha Verma and Chetna V. 

Hearty Congratulations children! Well done! 

Amravati Road Branch Events