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Amravati Road Branch Events


On 30th June, 2017, the members of the Students Council of Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass for the session 2017-2018 were inducted in a grand ceremony.

The Proud house mistresses namely, Mrs. Hillary Maliakal (Blue House), The Blue House Captain, Aashna Chopra lead the Blue house with Dev Mishra as Vice-Captain, Sanchi Bagdey as Prefect Cultural, Jasmine Singh as Prefect Golden Rules, Advait Singhal as Prefect Anti Bullying, Janhvi Bajirao as Prefect Special Projects and Jay Jeswani as Prefect Sports.

The Proud house mistresses namely  Mrs. Purnima Singh (Green House), Roma Ramname was chosen to lead the Green House,  Vice-Captain, Laksh Dadwani, Prefect Cultural, Ishita Khare, Prefect Golden Rules, Kartiki Kotawar, Prefect Anti Bullying, Burhanuddin Hassonjee, Prefect Special Projects, Sanya Khatwani and Prefect Sports, Ananya Upadhye.

The Proud house mistresses namely  Mrs. Karuna Hardas (Red House) The Red House Captain, Ridhima Chopra, Vice-Captain, Shivangi Prasad, Prefect Cultural, Ishyta Sakharkar, Prefect Golden Rules, Kavya, Prefect Anti Bullying, Abheshek Kamble, Prefect Special Projects, Arjun Bendre and Prefect Sports, Manvi Jain.

The Proud house mistresses namely  Mrs. Shupriya Apte (Yellow House) The Yellow House led by House Captain Epsita Khan pledged to perform all tasks for their house and school with ‘Perseverance and Proficiency.’ Vice-Captain, Mokshda Jerath, Prefect Cultural, Samarth Singh Chandel, Prefect Golden Rules, Sunishka Malviya, Prefect Anti Bullying, Kevin Rambhia, Prefect Special Projects, Karthik Ghodke and Prefect Sports, Livia Fernandez.


Amravati Road Branch Events