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Concerts and Mini Concerts

The Senior and Junior School Concerts are a much-awaited, integral part in the life of a Centre Pointer. Long before others thought of concepts such as event-management, Centre Point students and staff had been doing it so flawlessly that today the whole city looks forward to these red-letter days. However it is not all pomp and show. There is much learning value because the themes chosen range widely from “Discovery of India” to a duel between Western and Indian Music and Dance. These concerts serve to enrich the child’s school experience.



Where the Senior Concerts showcase the talents of the students in the fields of music, dance and drama, the mini concerts give the much needed exposure to the primary children. They learn about stage presence, participation and basic skills of presentation. The focus of Mini Concerts is on giving the child confidence to be himself and face the audience which comprises mainly of the parents. The children of classes I to V presented 5 mini concerts, one for each standard. Each one was unique in its own way as they chose a theme relevant to their age and portrayed it using creative presentations.