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Quality Circle Time

At Centre Point, it is not only the 3 R’s that are taught to the children. Equal emphasis is laid on the fourth R i.e. the relationships, as the success of any child in the future will depend on his ability to understand himself and the people around him.

Quality Circle Time

Quality Circle Time (or QCT) is one of the practices which help the child develop these crucial skills of life.

At the heart of the Circle Time Model is a class meeting which involves the children sitting in a circle to look at issues relating to personal, social, moral and health education. The circle meetings aim to encourage the development of positive relationships, self-discipline, conflict resolution, assertive communication and democratic group processes alongside the skills of speaking, listening, observing, thinking and concentrating.


It is a time for children to gather together to share their personal feelings and ideas about anything that is significant to them. QCT shows children that their opinions matter, giving them real choices and allowing them to express their feelings enhances their self-esteem. Circle time gives all children the chance to experience some of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship and provides a model for a more equal society. It is also about helping the individual members of the group to understand more about themselves and how they feel, act, react and respond to the world in which they find themselves. It attempts to foster mutual acceptance, support and care for other people, whether or not they might have an active relationship with them.