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Wardhaman Nagar Branch Events

School Captain – Aditya Kiratkar

School Vice- Captain – Ishika Kalra

Green House

House Mistress- Tarka Tokekar

Captain- Hriday Golani

Vice Captain- Tanishq Kohli

Prefect Cultural Activities- Lavanya Pillai

Prefect Anti Bullying- Akshat Poddar

Prefect Sports- Tasneem Vali

Prefect Golden Rules – Dhanashree Akotkar

Prefect Special Projects – Riya Jain

Red House

House Mistress – Harshita David Singh

Captain – Divya Suchak

Vice Captain – Atharvaraj Modhsaraf

Prefect Cultural Activities – Kanika Kedia

Prefect Anti Bullying – Hardik Somaiya

Prefect Sports – Rukaiya Murtuzapurwala

Prefect Golden Rules – Arushi Jhawar

Prefect Special Projects – Pallavi Parmar

Yellow House

House Mistress – Harshali Despande

Captain – Afifa Zareen

Vice Captain: Sahil Gulghane

Prefect Cultural Activities – Bhakti Parwani

Prefect Anti Bullying – Swapna Sawla

Prefect Sports – Anway Narnaware

Prefect Golden Rules – Kunal Verma

Prefect Special Projects – Dhairya Maroo

Blue House

House Mistress – Vani Jog

Captain – Kshitiz Agarkar

Vice Captain – Harshal Karia

Prefect Cultural Activities – Tanvi Singh

Prefect Anti Bullying – Krish Agarwal

Prefect Sports – Anshul Kedia

Prefect Golden Rules – Vidhi Raitka

Prefect Special Projects – Pranshu Khandelwal

A briefing session for young Achievers Programme was conducted for class XI students of CPSWN recently. YAP is a programme.

Offfered by CPS, through which students can apply to study in USA at Green River Community College, Seattle. Admission are open all round the year as academic study in US is based on quarters and students have a lot of flexibility with the choice of subjects. CPS ex-students, Mariya Mubeen, Devanshi Mehta, and Manav Manjitha studying at GRCC, Seatle, USA, were invited to share their experiences and they spoke to the students about moving into the pathway to become a Global Citizen.


The Biennial Junior Sports 2017 at Centre Point School Wardhaman Nagar, was organised on 4th February. The event was widely appreciated by the management and parents alike. The chief guest of the morning was Deepali Masirkar, DCP, Zone1, Nagpur. In her address she complimented the students and encouraged them to aim high and never give up.

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Cenfiesta’ –the annual fete organized by Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar was back with a bang on 24th Nov ’17 and turned out to be a wonderful experience spiced with fun, food, laughter and community spirit building activities.

            Running from 9am to 4pm, the highlight of the day was a plethora of rides, games, international food arena and live entertainment. The teachers along with student volunteers set up some incredible stalls and kept the fun quotient on the rise. The Art and Craft stall saw people flocking to it in large numbers to find attractive handicrafts created by students under the guidance of their Art teachers. Everything from creative paper bags and paper flowers to hand-made vases and other creative knickknacks, the artifacts were in great demand and sold like hot cakes.

            The exciting games stalls were equally appealing to old and young. While groups could be seen hunting for hidden treasure or ringing little goodies, others were busy fishing their favourite cold drink bottle or winning chocolates at simulation games. From foodies to nibblers, everyone got a taste of yummy Italian, north Indian, south Indian and Mumbai delights and lip-smacking desserts.

            Wanted to capture some special moments for keep-sakes? Well, there was a stall-with-a-difference. The ‘Happy Memories’ stall attracted visitors like bees to honey, all ready to pose with friends, family, teachers and students with all kinds of hilarious props. Not only did they get themselves clicked but also dedicated their favourite songs to each other at the ‘Dedicate a song’ stall.

            This year the fete also went ‘green’, offering visitors a chance to buy a sapling and become ‘green ambassadors’. Taking up this novel initiative, Class XI and XII students merged science with creativity to grow some innovative hybrid plants with the help of their teacher.

            From eating and songs to DJ and games, the fete had it all!! Everyone from ex-students and parents to children and teachers, more than 2500 visitors streamed through the gates and had a gala time. The fete became an attractive one-stop destination for celebrations big-time!

Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at CPS WN on 5th September 2017. Students from classes I to XII presented an entertaining programme for the teachers. Some students also took on the role of a ‘Teachers’. Some students also took on the role of a “Teacher”  and conducted classes for the juniors and seniors on varied topics. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the teachers. The programme was well organized and conducted by the students of classes IX and X. Principal, Sumathi Ma’am, of CPS WN appreciated the students for efficiently organizing the programme and making the day a memorable one for all the teachers.


As a part of annual Disaster Management Club Activity, the Fire Evacuation Mock Drill was carried out on Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 in the fifth period at 11.05 am.

The aim was to give practice to all students, teachers and staff for any urgent mass evacuation in the wake of any disaster or emergency.

During the preparation for Drill, all the students and the staff of Centre Point School and Mother’s Pet Kindergarten were shown a PowerPoint Presentation duly complemented with site Map in each room to enable them to understand the instructions to be followed in an emergency situation. All students and staff evacuated the school building and assembled in the respective assembly areas within a span of 5 minutes.

As a part of Heritage  week, students of Std VII, Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar visited Smriti Bhavan at Resham Baug, Nagpur on 22nd Jan 2018.

The bhavan was built in the memory of a renowed personality Dr. Keshav  Baliram Pant Hedgewar,

The founder of Rashtriya Sewa Sangh in 1925 and an active participant in Indian National Congress and Civil Disobedience Movement.

Children also visited Dr. Hedgewar’s birthplace situated at Mahal which is declared to be a heritage site.

On 22nd of January, students of std 7 were taken to Vedhshala in Mahal area of Nagpur. It follows Gurukul system of Education where the knowledge of 4 vedas is imparted. The students lead a very simple life. This 160 years old institution provides free education to students and takes great effort to keep the Indian cultivate alive.


Sitabuldi Fort, a heritage site, is now home to 118th infantry battalion, and is well maintained by them.

The places visited by children are-

  1. Kriti Stambh
  2. The tomb of Tipu Sultan’s grandson.
  3. The cell where Mahatma Gandhi was impressed in the year 1923.
  4. The pillar, which stands to commemorate the events when emperor King George V and queen Mary of United Kingdom gave audience to people.
  5. A big cannon on top of the fort.

Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar has always excelled in its endeavours to do good for the society.

The I CAN FESTIVAL was an amalgamation of ignited minds from all over India. More than 300 students along with their Mentors attended the 2 day long felicitation festival on 9th and 10th Dec, ‘17, where the I CAN SUPERHEROES were awarded their prizes. Along with Design Thinking Workshops taken by Rahul Bose and Rajdeep Sardesai, alumni of The National Institute of Design took various fun sessions with the children and teachers.

The school was proudly represented at the grand festival by erstwhile students of 2016-17 Class IX namely Hiten Muniyal, Vidisha Araspure and Mihir Pandey accompanied by their mentor, Mrs. Sana Seth.

Our story aimed to practice gender sensitization…..not just preach it. Out of 1700 stories from all over India, Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar reached a career high of TOP 4 stories on a pan-India level. The students decided to do something for the maids in their lives…..at school and outside. Hence the idea of building washrooms for maids and women in places where one should have existed but did not. With sustained efforts, door –to- door fundraising drives, soliciting the generosity of builders and contractors, the children were successful in getting a total of 4 washrooms….some in crowded market places, municipality schools without a dedicated washroom for girls and societies where maids come daily for work.

Also, a major part of the DFC project included sensitizing the children of the school against carelessly labelling every maid with the term “BAI”…..and making efforts to address them with respect, know their name and attach a respectable suffix of “Maushi” or “Didi” with it. We can proudly say that the children now lovingly address their helpers who themselves are very pleasantly surprised. The students of Class 9 went from class to class talking to the children, putting up reminder boards in every room of the school with the picture of the assigned maid and her name and made I-D cards for all of them with their name prominently displayed so that they are easy to address.

This phenomenal success achieved by the seniors couldn’t have been possible without the very able guidance of their mentors, Mrs. Sana Seth and Mrs. Rehana Badar. The whole school heartily congratulated them for their ground-breaking efforts to serve society and the recognition it brought them.


The video of the story can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elq5V1TrooQ

The Interact Club of Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar decided to say goodbye to this fruitful session with another act of kindness. They have always taken inspiration from what’s around them. Likewise, they decided to do something with the old practical record books of the alumni that lay as mere waste in the Physics Laboratory. After a few brainstorming sessions, the Interactors came up with an idea of reusing these practical records by utilizing their blank pages to make pristine bound notebooks

As it was a joint effort, the Interactors along with the non-Interactors went to Vanita Upper Primary School, a government run institution to distribute the notebooks among the needy. Around 369 notebooks along with pencils were apportioned to the students of Classes 4, 8, 9 and 10.

Seeing their faces light up after getting the notebooks made everyone extremely elated. That day, the ‘Good Samaritans’ realized where true happiness lies. On interacting with those lively little children they came to know about their aspirations. How their eyes were full of determination!

            This project also made everyone realize that no act of kindness is ever wasted. Every little contributes towards something great, indeed!

CENMUN 2017 was flagged off on 10th November 2017 in the presence of dignitaries like Shri Sunil Manohar, former Advocate General, Maharashtra, the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Mr. Animesh Mishra, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner ,Mr. Arun Upadhyay, Founder Director, Centre Point Group of Schools, Dr.Jai Singh Rajwade, Director, Centre Point Group of Schools, Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director, Centre Point Group of Schools and Mrs Sumathi Venugopalan, Principal CPSWN.
In accordance with the motto, One Nation, One World, the inaugural ceremony saw a scintillating dance performance highlighting the idea of cultural unity across the world. The dancers presented a blend of dances from countries like Indonesia, the US, Pakistan to name a few. The school choir presented a melodious fusion songs.

In her inaugural address, Mrs. Sumathi Venugopalan, Principal of Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar, the host school, asserted on the importance of enabling the students to tread the paths of change as such challenges provide opportunities for growth, preparing them to make a significant contribution to the world. .
Mr. Sunil Manohar reminded the assembled delegates about the importance of teachers with the advent of technology in the field of education. Quoting St. Paul’s words, “It is the spirit that gives the light”, he said that it is the teachers who are the spirit that transform learning into wisdom. Admiring the performances of the students, he said that he was amazed at the variety of topics that will be discussed during the three day conference.
The delegates’ foray into the world of international affairs led them to the discussions of wide ranging and diverse issues like strengthening International counter terrorism/ cybercrime and Security Measures, globalization of labour, privatization of healthcare in developing nations, the Vietnam War, the impact on the world heritage sites, children in armed conflict, climate and the economic stagnation in South Asia because of the Indo-Pakistan conflict.
All committees could boast of a spirited participation. The various committees were:

• DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

• ECOFIN (Economical and Financial)

• SOCHUM (Social, Cultural and humanitarian)

•  HSC (Historical Security Council) .

• UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

• UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)

• SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)

• UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

There was a balanced combination of moderated and unmoderated caucuses. A confluence of ideas and opinions was the highlight of the conference. There were questions raised and answers given, heated discussions, explanations demanded and resolutions arrived at. The three day event ended on the evening of 13th November. Addressing the assembled delegates, Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director, Centre Point Group of Schools, congratulated all participants and the winners. Besides this, each committee had the best delegate prize, high Commendation, Verbal Mention and Special Mention.

Results of CENMUN 2017


1. Best delegate: Chirag Jaju( Portugal)

2 Verbal Mention: Yugal Aswani ( China)

3. Verbal Mention:Anurag Madan ( Russia)

4. Verbal Mention: Siddhant Agrawal ( Norway)

5. Verbal Mention: Anshul Sahani( Italy)


1. High Commendation- Ishika Agrawal ( France)

2. Special Mention- Anshul Kamble( Italy)

3. Verbal mention – Gandharvaraj Gwalini


1. Special Mention : Nayan Sarawgi ( USA)


1. High Commendation- Jenanshi Mehta( France)

2. Verbal Mention – Mohammed Mogru


1. Special Mention- Ishika Kalra and Aditya Kiratkar ( USA)


Verbal mention( Dhruv Chandak ( UK)


1. Best delegate: Aman Sheikh ( India)

2. Verbal Mention- Sakshi Singh ( China)

International Press

1. Best Photographer – Samyak Surana

Best delegation: Centre Point School , Wardhaman Nagar. But as host school, we decided not to keep the trophy. So the trophy was awarded to the next best school- Modern School, Koradi.

Centre Point School, WN commemorated the 69th Republic Day of our country on 26th January 2018 with patriotic fervour. After the flag hoisting by the Principal, Mrs Sumathi Venugopalan, the programme continued with class VIII artists presenting a skit giving on insight into the framing of the Indian Constitution. Aditya Kiratkar and Harshal Kariya, Class X, expressed their strong views on the occasion in their speeches. While the Hindi choir presented an inspiring song, ‘ Chodo kal ki battein…’, Devanshi Dongre of Class I beautifully recited a patriotic poem. The western music choir also presented the preamble song. In her address, Mrs. Sumathi Venugopalan left the young listeners highly motivated by her inspiring words. On a concluding note, the students sang ‘Kabhi na jhukne …’ before dispersing to the beats of ‘Kadam kadam badhayein…’ They also witnessed an interesting aero modelling show presented by Mr. Vaibhav Joshi.


CPS WN students of classes 4 and 5 had their Concert on 15 September 2017, themed Vikram Betaal. The students enthralled the audience with their stunning performance. The stories were presented with a twist in them to deliver moral lessons amongst students and audience. The stories were presented with a twist in them to deliver moral lessons amongst  students and audience. The most striking feature of the show was the pledge undertake by the directors, Principals, Vice-Principals and all parents present to save water for future.

A part of the show was also shot by India Today Channel to be telecasted in future.

The show was witnessed and appreciated by Mrs. Aruna Upadhayay, Founder Director, Centre Point Group of Schools, Mr. Arun  Upadhayay, Mrs Radhika Rajwade Director Centre Point Group of Schools and Principal Mrs. Sumathi Venugopalan. Also present on the occasion were Mrs. Kalpana Dhareshwar, Principal, Mother’s Pet  Kindergarten and Mrs.Monica Khurana, Vice Principal, MPK WN. Aruna Ma’am appreciated the show and congratulated the students and teachers for the stupendous work done with 100 % student participation.


The young performers of CPS WN, Class 3, dressed up in regional attire presented melodious songs from like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Maharashtra. Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director, Centre Point Group of schools congratulated the students and teachers for the stupendous show. The performances were appreciated by one and all.

Students of classes 1,2 and 3 enjoyed their picnic thoroughly with a lot of interesting rides at the Amusement park along with water play in the cool pool at Krazy Castle.Students of classes 4 and 5 got a chance to explore nature with an adventurous trip to The Green Groves. The students enjoyed the picnic to the fullest with a lot of interesting activities which included the Burma Bridge, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing along with water play in the cool pool.


The Senior school’s sports’day entitled ‘KI=KA’ at Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar Was a grand success. The theme itself was so close to everyone’s hearts. Through the drills and various routines the students drove home the point that in a gender equal society the word gender doesn’t exist. the audience got to witness entertaining role reversals where the boys took up the hula hoops and the girls took up the strenuous commando drill.From the graceful dandiya to the foot tapping aerobics workout, the stdents performed with confidence and elan.  The girls making various pyramid formations and the bamboo dance drill simply took everyone’s breath away. But that was not all. What made the audience sit up and applaud were the Mallakhambh and Gymnastics performances, put up by the extremely talented students.

What’s a sports day without races and competitive spirit? The athletes showed immense grit and determination on the race track. The cumulative points for the sports events of the year and these races were calculated, and Yellow House emerged as winners of the House Cup.

The Chief Guest of the occasion was Dr. Madhavi Khode Chawre, Additional Tribal Commisioner. In her speech she mentioned how things were changing towards a more gender egalitarian society. She comforted the children who couldn’t win medals by explaining to them what each of their house colours signify.

In conclusion, Founder Director of Centre Point group of schools, Mrs. Aruna Upadhyay spoke very passionately about the fact, that how at CPS there is no gender bias, as all are treated the same. She congratulated the Principal and her team of dedicated teachers who managed to put up a fantastic show, which was no mean feat, considering that the sports day had 1300 participants in all!

Celebrating a day which marks the importance of our country’s national language fills one with pride.

            Hindi Diwas was commemorated at Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar by organizing a small programme presented by students in the morning assembly of the school. Bhakti Parwani, a Class X student voiced her views on the occasion by way of a speech in which she threw light on how Hindi has improved the life of the common man. She was followed by the school choir presenting a melodious Hindi song in praise of our ‘Rashtra Bhasha’.

            The school management appreciated the efforts of all the teachers involved in organizing the programme on this festive day. 

When music and melody resonate in every corner of Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar and sonorous voices are heard practicing their songs, it can mean only one thing – CENTUNES!! As schools ring in the New Year, CENTUNES fever grips not only the host school but all the participating schools across the city.

            Promising to be a delightful 2 days for all music buffs, CENTUNES 2018 welcomed esteemed guests and contestants from participating schools on 12th and 13th Jan, ‘18. While the 1st day of the musical extravaganza was reserved for Hindi Duet and Choir for the Juniors, the next day was slated for the English Duet and Choir for the Seniors. In the backdrop of a creatively decorated Kalaarpan, both the days got off to a traditional start with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by all the honoured guests gracing the occasion including Mrs. Aruna Upadhyaya, Mr. Arun Upadhyaya, Mrs. Radhika Rajwade and Dr. Jaisingh Rajwade, Directors, Centre Point Group of Schools, Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director, CPS Group of Schools, Mrs. Radhika Mehra, Principal, CPS Amravati Bypass, Mrs. Parveen Cassad, Vice Principal, CPS Am. Bypass and all the judges.

            After being warmly welcomed by the compeers on both the days, Day One began on a melodious note with young and talented singers taking the stage and presenting one tuneful Hindi duet after another which were loudly applauded by all. The Hindi choir recitals were no less and had the audience showing its appreciation with huge rounds of applause. Even the judges for the day, Mr. Pankaj Rangari, Ms. Shefali Chourasia and Mr. Vishal Jogdeo couldn’t resist showing their admiration.

            The excitement and the anticipation spilled over onto Day Two with lilting voices singing English duets and choirs and taking the competition to a different level altogether. Each one proved to be a musical treat and some of them even had the audience joining in! It felt as if the judges for the day, Mr. Lalit Mitra, Mr. Savio John and Mr. Anant Samuel Waghmare would have a tough time deciding the winners!

            It wasn’t only the contestants who entertained the audience on both the days. The judges also took the stage and left everyone delighted with their performances. They also offered their valuable feedback to the young performers and their Gurus and encouraged them to scale new heights.

            The much awaited moment finally came on the concluding day with Mrs. Radhika Rajwade taking the stage to share her valuable insights with the audience and award gift vouchers for books and the trophies to the winners as Mrs. Sumathi Venugopalan, the school Principal announced the results. The prizes included top three prizes and a consolation prize for the competition on both the days, not to forget an overall trophy for each day and the prestigious NKP Salve Trophy for Centunes!

            Here’s a look at all the proud winners:


HINDI DUET:             Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar              1st Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass                      2nd Prize

                                    Sandipani School, Hazaripahad                                 2nd Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Katol Road                                3rd Prize

                                    Central India Public School                                        Consolation



HINDI CHOIR:           Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar              1st Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass                      2nd Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Katol Road                                3rd Prize

                                    Jain International School                                            Consolation




ENGLISH DUET:       Centre Point School, Katol Road                                1st Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass                      2nd Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar              3rd Prize

                                    Jain International School                                            Consolation


ENGLISH CHOIR:     Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass                      1st Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar              2nd Prize

                                    Centre Point School, Katol Road                                3rd Prize

                                    Central India Public School, Kapsi                             Consolation


TROPHY FOR HINDI CENTUNES:                         Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar

TROPHY FOR ENGLISH CENTUNES:                  Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass

N.K.P. SALVE TROPHY FOR CENTUNES:                       Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar


            A thundering round of applause was in order for all the winners and their Music Gurus namely Mr. Sanjay Taywade, Mr. Milind Upadhyay, Mr. Alwin Gaikwad and Mr. Harshit Singh from the school management, staff and students for their fantastic achievement.


Wardhaman nagar branch events