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Principals Desk

Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass is the third and youngest in the chain of Centre Point Group of Schools in Nagpur.

We started on 1.7.2005 with 193 children, a handful of teachers and just 12 rooms. We had the responsibility of keeping up with the high standards set by the other 2 branches. Today 10 years hence, our school boasts of 1473 children, a large building replicating a Scottish castle, and sprawling grounds giving the children a chance to let their spirits run free.We provide a wide plethora of co-curricular activities and myriad opportunities in our efforts to make the child grow in all directions, unearth their talents and hone them to perfection.

Besides classes in Indian and Western Music, Tabla and Dance, we also have many sports facilities which include basket ball courts, two swimming pools, two skating areas, world class synthetic tennis courts and an impressive playground used for football and cricket.

Training in Malkhamb, Yoga, Gymnastics, Chess and Martial arts is also provided, so the children have ample opportunity to indulge in physical activity. The school Malkhamb team has found a place in the Limca Book of Records for their performance on a pole attached to a moving cycle – a feat accomplished for the first time.

Interactive white boards were introduced for the first time in our school and they have been installed with educational software as an aid for teaching various subjects in the classroom. A special team of trained counselors are also available full time to see to the needs (both academic and co-curricular) of children with learning disabilities.

Safety of the child is also of extreme importance fire fighting facilities, fire drills, staff trained to provide first aid, a tie-up with a reputed nursing home and prompt transportation to a doctor or hospital in case of an emergency is also provided.

Believing that whatever we learn with pleasure, we never forget the execution of the curriculum is full of edutainment and the emotional well being of the child is of utmost importance.
Mrs. Radhika Mehra
Centre Point School Amravati Road (Bypass)

Principals Desk

Principals Desk