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Katol Road Branch Result (Class XII & Class X) 2018



Class 12 students of Centre Point School, Katol Road performed extremely well in the CBSE AISSCE results declared on Saturday 26th May 2018. Out of 86 students who appeared in the Science stream 27 scored 85% and above. In Commerce stream from among 108 students 52 students scored 85% and above. In Humanities from among 40 students 20 scored an aggregate of 85 % and above.

Amisha Kelkar from the Science Stream is the topper with 97.8% having scored the highest percentage in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Physical Education..


The three Science stream toppers include :
1. Amisha Kelkar with 97.8%
2. Tanaya Ramani with 96.8%
3. Tanmay Bundiwal with 96.2%


The three Commerce stream toppers include:
1. Azeem Panjwani with 97.0%
2. Achintya Kothari with 96.8%
3. Mohammed Kuresh Naseem with 96.0%


The three Humanities Toppers include:
1. Niharika Deshpande with 93.6%
2. Ishrita Gupta with 92.6%
3. Shivam Mulik with 90.6%

The subject wise toppers from all 3 streams include:

Engineering Graphics – 100%- Tanaya Ramani, Ritika Mulchandani, Lulua Master, Palak Pradhan.
Physical Education 100%- Amisha Kelkar
Mathematics- 99%- Amisha Kelkar, Tanaya Ramani, Yashashree Chaudhari.
English- 98%- Amisha Kelkar, Tanmay Bundiwal, Ritika Chakraborty.
Computer Science- 98%- Tanmay Bundiwal
Chemistry –96% – Amisha Kelkar
Physics –96% Amisha Kelkar
Psychology – 95%- Batul Hussain.
Biology –93% Muskan Bali, Insheera Rangoonwala.

Business Studies – 100% Azeem Panjwani.
Economics: 99% Dhanisha Gade
Maths – 99% Achintya Kothari.
Informatics Practices –98% Mohammed Kuresh Naseem
English- 96% Ragini Khandelwal
Accountancy –95% Achintya Kothari, Mishi Yadav, Kalyani Agrawal, Dewang Chokhani.
Physical Education- 95% Nishchay Bhasin.


History –99% Ishrita Gupta
English- 98% Ishrita Gupta
Maths- 97% Ishrita Gupta
Painting – 99% Megan Lawrence Jayasingh
Psychology- 92% Shivam Mulik
Economics – 97% Ishrita Gupta
Creative Writing & Translation Studies – 93% Niharika Deshpande
Political Science: 93% Mehak Bhargava


The numbers of A1 scored in different subjects are:
English -125, Maths-26, Psychology-1, Economics-45, Physics-19, Chemistry-10, Biology-3, Physical Education- 44, Engg Graphics- 5, Accountancy -24, Business Studies- 42, Informatics Practices -4, History- 28, Painting -4, Political Science-5, Computer Science-1.



Class X students of Centre Point School, Katol Road proved their mettle by giving a superlative performance in AISSE 2018 conducted by CBSE.
Arunav Bhowmick & Dishita Sibal both are joint 2nd city toppers with 98.2%. Arunav Bhowmick scored 100 in Sanskrit and Social Science, and 97% in English, Mathematics and Science. Dishita Sibal also scored 100 in Sanskrit and Social Science, and 99% in Mathematics and 96% in English and Science.
Vishesh Gupta with 97.2% agg. is at the second position. Vernika Mrig and Jiya Agrawal with 97% agg. are at the third position.
Out of 210 students 60 students scored 90% and above.

The subject wise toppers are:-

Social Science –100:- Arunav Bhowmick, Dishita Sibal, Jiya Agrawal, Rachit Mantri, Nikhil Isaac.
Sanskrit- 100:- Arunav Bhowmick, Dishita Sibal, Vishesh Gupta, Atharva Tagalpallewar, Siddhant Poshattiwar and Mahanaryamansingh Bhonsle.
Mathematics – 100:- Vernika Mrig, Ankita Veerabahu.
Science – 99:- Parth Bora, Siddhant Poshattiwar.
Hindi – 99:- Karanveer Singh Khurana.
English 97:- Arunav Bhowmick, Ishana Sureka.
e–Publishing & e-Office- 86 :- Kavya Bhartia.

The number of students who scored A1 in various subjects are –

English : 50 students
Mathematics : 81 students
Social Science : 65 students
Science : 66 students
Sanskrit : 67 students
Hindi : 30 students

Katol Road Branch Result

Katol Road Branch Result