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Student and Parent Counselling

At all branches of Centre Point School, we have special counselling departments.  Counsellors have been appointed on a full-time basis to counsel the children. Children are provided counselling on issues related to classroom adjustment, peer/teen pressure and learning problems. Students with discipline and behavioural issues are regularly counselled in a comforting and secure  environment. Children are guided to acquire social and life skills which go a long  way in helping them to live a happy life. This cell is also actively involved in working with the parents & teachers.


Teachers have also been sent for training. These facilitators have been equipped  with guidelines to conduct workshops which deal with behavioral  problems. They understand the need to create a supportive environment which helps the children to make informed decisions as well as communicate and negotiate effectively. These trained facilitators have held workshops for the children which have been found to be very effective. The children were able to express their problems and think of solutions on their own.


A series of parent counselling workshops have been conducted by Dr Rajeev Mohta for parents of children from different classes. Parents were given tips on some of their common concerns like exam stress, coping with peer pressure and resolving conflicts.


Student Counselling

Student Counselling