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Testimony of students

MANAV MAJITHIA:Pursuing Computer Science & Engineering

 I have enrolled for the University Transfer Program at Green River College. I came here at the age of 16. My study plan at Green River is of 8 Quarters. I am currently in my second quarter. This program is time-saving as I can complete my High School Diploma and  first two years of bachelor’s degree together in just 2 years. I will get  an Associate Degree in my major, i.e Computer Science, and then transfer to any other prestigious university in the United States. I am aiming for transfer to the University of California, Berkeley.

(from right)Manav Majithia with Bjorn Myhre(Director of International Recruitment) & his Indian friend.
(from right)Manav Majithia with Bjorn Myhre(Director of International Recruitment) & his Indian friend.

The college is very nice. The campus is very big with a lot of facilities. There are many activity clubs at college and a lot of events to participate in throughout the quarter. You get to choose your subjects. You can choose class time which is suitable to you.  You get an opportunity to interact with other international students from different countries. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Here you learn important responsibilities of  international students and adapt to the American life.

If you are planning to study abroad, YAP is the best pathway to the United States. You don’t have to worry about SATs. This program is also money saving as it is less expensive than other universities in US.

I would recommend this program to all those who are planning to study abroad.


KARTIK SARDA: Pursuing Neuroscience and Theoretical Physics

“The one year that I have spent at Green River

College has changed me in ways I never thought

I would. It has not only made me more independent and

responsible, but the amazing diversity on 

campus made me learn and respect hundreds of

cultures from more than 40 nationalities. That is

something that will remain in me throughout, and I thank

GRC for giving this to me.”



RAGHAV MANDHANA: Pursuing Mechanical Engineering

“Green River College is an amazing place for any student

that is curious and willing to exploit the opportunities

offered here. It has various resources for all the students

and help can always be found if asked for. The

community of international students is another great part

of the college as it makes the life on campus very vibrant

and enjoyable. Green River, according to me, is a great

starting place to pursue education in the United States.”


MARIA MUBEEN: Pursuing Journalism/Psychology

“Green River College has a very warm and welcoming

environment for international students. They have a

diverse student society with students coming in from the Netherlands to students from Japan. Life on

campus is so dynamic and full of life; there’s always some event or activity going around. I was never

really comfortable with the system in India because it was so rigid. Here you can take classes that you

want and there are so many options to choose from. The YAP program has given me this opportunity to

actually, test my wings. This is one chance that should not be missed since GRC has tie-ups with

several different Universities.”

Testimony of students

Testimony of students