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Our Early Childhood Program

Welcome To Mother’s Pet Kindergarten

Mother’s Pet Kindergarten was founded by Mrs. Aruna Upadhyaya in 1979. From a humble beginning at Sadar with a few children, it has grown to four branches with over 2500 children. Plans for a fifth branch are also in the pipeline. The Mother’s Pet Education Society also comprises the Centre Point Group of Schools with a strength of over 5000 children.

One of the largest kindergartens in Central India, we ensure a safe and secure environment. Mother’s Pet has grown from strength to strength over the years earning the respect and admiration of Nagpurians and others alike. (A significant number of our parents are from the armed forces, administrative services and corporates).

A dynamic curriculum which is a mix of international pedagogy and practices suitable to our environment, has made us truly unique. What has remained constant over 37 years is the JQ (Joy Quotient) in the teaching/learning process and a dedicated band of teachers who nurture every child entering the portals of our centre.

The journey that began 37 years ago continues to be as joyful today as it was then.

“The Kindergarten Wing of Centre Point Group of Schools”

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Our Early Childhood Program

Our Early Childhood Program