“Saila Dance” performance by Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar in the Republic Day Parade at Delhi

 Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar is scaling new heights and is happy to announce that the following children performed the “Saila Dance” in the prestigious Republic Day Parade at Delhi recently.  

The students are:

  1. Krishna Gahlod
  2. Damini Suranshe
  3. Kalash Gahlod
  4. Radhika Gupta
  5. Disha Murarkar
  6. Pari Patel

The performance by the children at the Parade was greatly appreciated by the audience. The students had undergone rigorous practice for the final show and the hard work was evident in the human pyramids they formed as part of the dance routine.

Three of these students, Krishna, Kalash and Radhika also rendered their voices for the song on which the dance was based.

These students were felicitated by DCP Deepali Masirkar at the recent Biennial Sports Meet at CPSWN.