Srishti Sharma, a student of CPSWN set a new Guinness World Record in limbo ice skating

On December 28, 13-year-old Shrishti Sharma of class 9, CPSWN, set a new Guiness World Record in the lowest limbo ice skating at the Gurgaon iSkate skating rink. The Nagpur-based skater crossed 11 evenly-spaced limbo bars over 10 m course at a jaw-dropping height of 17.7 cm. This is the first time a record has been attempted in this category. For Shrishti’s record to be accepted, the adjudicators from Guinness World Records had set a minimum height requirement of 20 cm for bars. However, she managed to cross the bars at an even lower height of 17.7 cm, setting a new record.