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Wardhaman Nagar Branch Events

School Captain – Aditya Kiratkar

School Vice- Captain – Ishika Kalra

Green House

House Mistress- Tarka Tokekar

Captain- Hriday Golani

Vice Captain- Tanishq Kohli

Prefect Cultural Activities- Lavanya Pillai

Prefect Anti Bullying- Akshat Poddar

Prefect Sports- Tasneem Vali

Prefect Golden Rules – Dhanashree Akotkar

Prefect Special Projects – Riya Jain

Red House

House Mistress – Harshita David Singh

Captain – Divya Suchak

Vice Captain – Atharvaraj Modhsaraf

Prefect Cultural Activities – Kanika Kedia

Prefect Anti Bullying – Hardik Somaiya

Prefect Sports – Rukaiya Murtuzapurwala

Prefect Golden Rules – Arushi Jhawar

Prefect Special Projects – Pallavi Parmar

Yellow House

House Mistress – Harshali Despande

Captain – Afifa Zareen

Vice Captain: Sahil Gulghane

Prefect Cultural Activities – Bhakti Parwani

Prefect Anti Bullying – Swapna Sawla

Prefect Sports – Anway Narnaware

Prefect Golden Rules – Kunal Verma

Prefect Special Projects – Dhairya Maroo

Blue House

House Mistress – Vani Jog

Captain – Kshitiz Agarkar

Vice Captain – Harshal Karia

Prefect Cultural Activities – Tanvi Singh

Prefect Anti Bullying – Krish Agarwal

Prefect Sports – Anshul Kedia

Prefect Golden Rules – Vidhi Raitka

Prefect Special Projects – Pranshu Khandelwal




A briefing session for young Achievers Programme was conducted for class XI students of CPSWN recently. YAP is a programme.

Offfered by CPS, through which students can apply to study in USA at Green River Community College, Seattle. Admission are open all round the year as academic study in US is based on quarters and students have a lot of flexibility with the choice of subjects. CPS ex-students, Mariya Mubeen, Devanshi Mehta, and Manav Manjitha studying at GRCC, Seatle, USA, were invited to share their experiences and they spoke to the students about moving into the pathway to become a Global Citizen.


The Biennial Junior Sports 2017 at Centre Point School Wardhaman Nagar, was organised on 4th February. The event was widely appreciated by the management and parents alike. The chief guest of the morning was Deepali Masirkar, DCP, Zone1, Nagpur. In her address she complimented the students and encouraged them to aim high and never give up.

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

An amazing Theatre Worksop ‘Junoon’ founded by Sanjana Kapoor was conducted at Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar from 14 to 19 August 2017. The workshop was attended by 505 students of classes 5 to 8 of Centre Point Group of Schools. Around 30 teachers attended an orientation programme which focused on exposing young minds and trigger a curiosity in them to learn about the different forms of art, preserving the culture and retaining the essence of art.

On 16th August the participants were delighted to meet the artists who had staged the play Sur v/s Asur. They got to know and appreciate the different rasas and how each rasa has a Sur and Asur quality attached to it. They also got acquainted with the nitty gritty of backstage work.

On 17th August the participants were taken outdoors to see an authentic ‘Nautanki’ which was mesmerising for most of the students as they hadn’t seen anything like this before. Nautanki was based on Hanuman ki Ramayan.

18th August was the day, a well known cinematographer and documentary maker , Mr. Ajay Naronha interacted with the students who instructed them to never take anything for granted but to have a questioning mind always.

19th August was the day reserved for the creative showcase.All participants had been divided into different zones and each zone had 6 different groups- Magic Makers, Creative Collaborators, dedicated documentors, Dyanamic Designers, Raving Reviewers, Ambitious Advertisers and Gracious Guides.

The artists displayed their talents. A panel called as the Just Jurist observed all the zones at work and during the creative showcase, gave out prizes/awards to those teams who deserved the awards. The best part was that the awards were all created and crafted by the children themselves and were made from waste products such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and used CDs.

The overall experience was unforgettable for everyone involved and the students walked back with satisfied minds and sweet memories of the workshop.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at CPS WN on 5th September 2017. Students from classes I to XII presented an entertaining programme for the teachers. Some students also took on the role of a ‘Teachers’. Some students also took on the role of a “Teacher”  and conducted classes for the juniors and seniors on varied topics. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the teachers. The programme was well organized and conducted by the students of classes IX and X. Principal, Sumathi Ma’am, of CPS WN appreciated the students for efficiently organizing the programme and making the day a memorable one for all the teachers.

Music is a piece of Art that goes in the ears straight to the heart. Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar organized annual inter-school singing competition Centunes 2017 on 20th and 21st January.

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

 Freedom in mind, Faith in words, Pride in our heart, Memories in our souls, Lets salute the nation on Republic Day.

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

What better way for students to relate to historic events that have been important turning points than to relive them today!

            Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar celebrated Constitution Day on 26 November, 2016 to help children understand the significance of the day on which our country’s Constitution was passed in 1949.

            As part of the celebrations, the Preamble Song was sung in the morning assembly. Later, Class 7 students spoke on the importance of the Constitution. Attired as framers of the Constitution, Class 8 spoke to the students about their valuable contribution in the drafting of the historic document. Seniors of Class X briefed the children on those clauses of the Constitution which have been incorporated from other countries. They also gave a detailed account of Article 51(A) which expounds the Fundamental Duties of every citizen of the country.

            The school management and staff appreciated the efforts of the concerned teachers ably guided by Vice Principal, Ms. Deepa Chakraborty in successfully conducting the activities and achieving the desired aim.

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events

National Science day was celebrated on 28th of February at Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar. Every year this day is celebrated with a theme. This year the theme was “Science and Technology foe specially abled persons.”

To mark the day, a quiz competition was organised  for class VI and VII students.

The winning team comprised of

  1. Abhinav Somani (VI C)
  2. Dhruv Maniyar (VI D)
  3. Arya Champramnari (VII C)
  4. Rashi Gattani (VII D)

Principal Mrs. Sumathi Venugopalan gave away the prizes and appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers for the program.Wardhaman nagar branch events

Adolscent Education Programme called “GROWING UP AND CHANGES AHEAD” was conducted for class VII on 18th and 20th of February 2017. by the counselling cell and science teachers of Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar.

In this programme, awareness of biological and psychological changes were dealt with using Power Point Presentation and activities. Skills to cope with these changes were highlighted and stressed upon.

Wardhaman nagar branch events

Wardhaman nagar branch events