Centre Point School The Artful Teachers Training By Sanjna Kapoor


•   Centre Point Group of Schools, after having collaborated for the Junoon Workshop in the pre-pandemic period, collaborated for the Artful Teacher Workshop Programme, developed by Sanjna Kapoor , the daughter of legendary actors Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal . Fifty of its teachers across Centre Point School Katol Road,Wardhaman Nagar and Amravati Bypass branches and Centre Point School International participated in this unique enriching experience based pathway, which is structured to span over a transformation- causing three years. The workshop was co-conducted by Timira Gupta, a multi-talented educator and trained Arts-Based Therapy practitioner who has been working with children with different backgrounds and abilities creating a tremendous impact on the young lives for over a decade. The first eventful 32 hour workshop was conducted over 4 consecutive days from 20th April to 23rd April 2022 in Centre Point School , Katol Road branch.

•   In these 4 days, the teachers explored various artful elements and deduced the essence of artfulness by practical participation clearly eliminating misconceptions of Artfulness being confined to being artistic. Play, imagination, creation, laughter, visual presentations, acting, writing, discussions, wonder, reading about extraordinary thoughts of many extraordinary education thinkers and lots of reflection led to an enhanced understanding of the Artful Approach. The second two- day workshop has been scheduled in November 2022 with the purpose of assessing shifts in classroom experiences and diving deeper into the realm of the Artful teacher. The programme intends to provide a strong and continuous support system by sharing extensive curated resources with the school for effective objective realisation.

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