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Centre Point Group of Schools comprises of 3 premier educational institutions of Nagpur. The group was conceptualized in 1988 by Mrs. Aruna Upadhyaya, former Founder & Director. The school is a manifestation of her visionary zeal and her philosophy of providing quality education to children in a student-friendly ambience. Along with the Intelligence Quotient – IQ, emphasis is laid on developing the Social Quotient – SQ and the ‘Joy’ Quotient – JQ. It is this philosophy of the founder that is the guiding light of all academic and co-curricular activities taken up in the schools. Through a student-centered holistic approach to teaching-learning which respects the individual needs of children, the schools aim to achieve physical, social, emotional and academic excellence, and consequently human excellence.

T he schools are:
• Centre Point School, Katol Road, Nagpur
• Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur
• Centre Point School, Amravati Road (Bypass), Nagpur

All the three schools are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Examination. An excellent result in the CBSE board examinations is a tradition which has become ingrained in the ethos of all the three schools. The three branches are proud recipients of the “INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD by THE BRITISH COUNCIL.”

The features that set the group apart are :
• Co-educational with classes from I – XII.
• Commerce, Humanities and Science streams offered at XI, XII level.
• Trained and dedicated faculty.
• State of Art Infrastructure – Electronic Boards in every class, Junior
and Senior ICT Labs, Jr. and Sr. Libraries, Maths Lab, Language Lab, Social Studies Lab and Science Labs, Botanical garden, Art, Craft, Music rooms, Swimming Pool, Skating Rink, Basketball Courts, Badminton Court, Cricket pitch, Tables for Table Tennis, Spacious Auditorium and Conference hall.


Centre Point Group of Schools, Nagpur was conceptualized by Mrs.Aruna Upadhyaya to provide quality education to children within the context of mutual respect and joy.

Since its inception in 1988, its aim has been to create awareness, develop skills according to the potential of individuals and train minds to unveil the mysteries of the surrounding environment for the benefit of mankind. Through a student-centered holistic approach to teaching - learning which respects the Individual needs of children, the schools aim to achieve physical and academic excellence, and consequently human excellence. Education is not a sporadic process which is confined to the four walls of the school. It is a continuous activity which takes into its ambit the influence of several other enriching factors. Thus children are allowed to work in an environment of freedom and motivation, of acceptance and appreciation.


The JQ Methodology

As educators, we take into serious consideration the other Q’S, viz. the Intelligence Quotient, the EQ or Emotional Quotient and the SQ or Social Quotient. IQ takes into account the mental ability of the child, how competent he is to grasp and assimilate information and how fast and elegantly he can comprehend and solve problems. EQ takes into account how well adjusted he is emotionally to the world, the harmonious balance between his inner self and the outer life. SQ considers him as a social being, his “smooth” interaction with his peer group, his teachers, parents and elders.


Centre Point School is powered by Lighthouse Learning Group, India's leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education group. Our group is committed to building a robust foundation and new-age skills in future generations with student-centered goals for its portfolio of brands including 1600+ Pre-schools and 54 K-12 Schools. We ignite the love for learning in 175,000+ children every day with a talented workforce of over 15000 across our offices and campuses.

Celebrating 20+ years since inception, the group has always stayed ahead of the curve and is a harbinger of change in the educational landscape. With a ‘Child First’ ideology at its core, it has set new standards and raised the bar in many aspects, including enriching pedagogy and building a nurturing learning environment for children, using technology in enhancing learning engagements, creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women or leading the way in enabling safety protocols for its students at the pre-school and schools.

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