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Admission can be sought in (i)“Mother’s Pet” Kindergarten – MPK (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG 1 and Kg 2) or in (ii) Centre Point School – CPS (Classes 1 to 12) or in (iii) Centre Point School International(Grades 1 to 10 & AS Level).

For admission to kindergarten, please visit www.motherspet.com

For admission to Centre Point Schools (CBSE), please visit www.centrepointschools.com

For admission to Centre Point School International (Cambridge Board), please visit www.cpsintl.in

The admission formalities will be considered complete after submission of all the required documents to the school office.

Process for Online Registration for Centre Point Schools, Classes 1 to 10 and Class 12:- (Direct admission to class 10 and 12 is subject to approval by CBSE)

STEP 1 :

FOR CLASSES 1 TO 10 and 12

  1. On the payment portal pay Rs.1000/-
  2. Fill the form carefully with correct information and keep the soft copy for future reference. (Please fill the School Branch and DOB correctly, this cannot be changed later.)
  3. Upload all the documents i.e. scanned copies of Birth Certificate and previous school’s report card of the class the student attended in 2021-22. If the Progress Report Card of Mid Term or Final Exam of 2022-23 is available, please upload a copy of that too.

STEP 2 :

FOR CLASSES 1 TO 10 and 12 -

  1. For Class 1 to 5 applicants, conversation with the child will be scheduled.
  2. For Class 6 to 10 and 12, a diagnostic/ readiness test will be scheduled.
  3. On the basis of the test, email of confirmation will be sent by school. On confirmation from the school, login again and pay the provisional admission fees. Confirm the payment online.
  4. For Class 10 and 12, the school admin office will communicate with the parents so that a meeting of the Principal with parents can be set up to understand the requirements of admission.

STEP 3 :

FOR CLASSES 1 TO 10 and 12

On confirmation, log in again to fill in a form which requires further details. Submit hard copies of all the documents to the respective school office.

Final Admission rights reserved with School Management.

For further details you may contact –

Sr. School Name Contact No Email ID
1. Centre Point School, Katol Road, Nagpur. 0712-2584394, 2581742 cpskr@centrepointschools.com
2. Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur. 0712-2970316/17, 7447407632, 7447408117 cpswn@centrepointschools.com
3. Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass, Nagpur. 0712-2970857, 2970858, 2970859, 9699718774 cpsab@centrepointschools.com
4. Centre Point School International, Amravati Road Bypass, Nagpur. 0712-2971515, 7447407635 cpsinternational@cpsintl.in
5. Mother’s Pet Kindergarten,Amravati Road Bypass , Nagpur. 0712-2970789 mpkdabha@motherspet.com, mpkdabha@gmail.com
6. Mother’s Pet Kindergarten, Sadar, Nagpur. 0712-2535502, 2547653 mpksadar@motherspet.in
7. Mother’s Pet Kindergarten, Wardha Road, Nagpur. 0712-2970026, 7447407641/42 mpkwardhard@motherspet.com
8. Mother’s Pet Kindergarten, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur. 0712-2970316/17, 7447407632, 7770016618 mpkwnagar@motherspet.com

Age Eligibility 2024-25

K.G.1 1ST OCTOBER, 2019 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2020
K.G.2 1ST OCTOBER, 2018 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2019
1 1ST OCTOBER, 2017 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2018
2 1ST OCTOBER, 2016 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2017
3 1ST OCTOBER, 2015 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2016
4 1ST OCTOBER, 2014 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2015
5 1ST OCTOBER, 2013 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2014
6 1ST OCTOBER, 2012 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2013
7 1ST OCTOBER, 2011 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2012
8 1ST OCTOBER, 2010 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2011
9 1ST OCTOBER, 2009 – 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2010
10 1ST OCTOBER, 2008 - 30TH SEPTEMBER, 2009

Please Note:

  1. Admission form fee Rs.1,000/-
  2. Cheque Bounce Charges Rs. 1000/-
  3. Fee once paid, will not be refunded.
  4. For tuition fees: Last day to pay instalment 1 is 15th April, 2024, last day to pay instalment II is 15th July 2024, last day to pay instalment III is 15th Oct 2024, last day to pay instalment IV is 15th Jan 2025.
  5. Late fee fine of Rs.15/- per day will be charged for each instalment in case it is paid after the respective due date.
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