Curriculum & Methodology

Centre Point School has a long tradition of scholarly, artistic and athletic excellence and is considered one among the 30 Great Indian Schools to study in.

It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and follows the curriculum recommended by the Board. In Senior Secondary, students can choose between Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.

Experiential, creative, project-based and interdisciplinary learning are infused across the curriculum. The best International trends in education are adapted to an Indian context. The Project Method, Jenny Mosley's Quality Circle Time and Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory are used in lesson planning.

The school's unique feature is its high academic standards in CBSE AISSE & AISSCE results and its meritorious students figure in the CBSE 0.1% Merit category.


The schools follow the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education.Along with the compulsory First language English and second language Hindi, students are given a choice between Marathi and Sanskrit as the third language from classes V to VIII.

As per the CBSE guidelines, the assessments are based on CCE or the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation using both formal and non-formal techniques.

For classes I to III, there are no formal summative examinations held and their annual report is based on a series of formative assessments.

For classes IV to XII, curriculums, strictly as per CBSE guidelines are followed.

Along with the academic content, the curriculum comprises of a rich co-curricular part which includes Music, Dance, Art, Craft, Sports, Computers,Foundation of Information Technology, Projects,Science Club,Interactive Club,Robotics,excursions and other activities. Regular sessions of Quality Circle Time are taken up to ensure growth in emotional and social component of the child’s personality.

The examinations are :
1. AISSE or the All India Secondary School Examination which the students take at the end of standard X. Subjects: English Communicative, Hindi Course B, Sanskrit Communicative, Mathematics, Science, Social Science.

2.AISSCE or the All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination is what the student takes at the end of standard XII.

The subjects offered at this level are :
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English Core, Physical Education, Computer Science,Informatics Practices, Business Studies, Accountancy, History, Political Science, Psychology, Engineering Graphics.

Academics Overview

Through a student-centered holistic approach to teaching-learning, we cater to every child’s individual needs. Our schools enables children to achieve physical, social, emotional and academic excellence, and consequently human excellence that prepares them for a successful and bright future.

  • Life Long Learning
  • 21st Century Skill Building
  • Educational Excellence
  • Holistic Development


Our schools follow the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Along with the compulsory first language English and second language Hindi, students are given a choice between Marathi and Sanskrit as the third language from classes V to VIII.

We at Centre Point believe in making every learning experience joyful for the child. While planning the methodology to transact the curriculum, the “Joy Quotient” is maintained as the top priority. The instruction comprises both formal and non-formal teaching techniques. Role play, hands on activities, labs and projects are a regular feature of the lesson plans

Project approach to consolidate concepts through real life experience is an integral part of the teaching in primary classes. Here, the teacher becomes a facilitator and children learn by experience and discovery. Mathematics, Science, Hindi and Social Studies labs are provided for the children to explore and understand the concepts taught in classrooms. Active learning leads them to produce high-quality work and to grow as individuals and collaborators. Children have a strong disposition to explore and discover. The Project Approach builds on natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect, and more. This kind of authentic learning extends beyond the classroom to each student’s home, community, nation, and the world. It essentially makes learning the stuff of real life and children active participants.

Young Achiever’s Program (YAP)

We take pride in announcing that Centre Point Group of schools has tied up with the Green River College, Seattle, USA, which brings the Young Achievers Program (YAP), exclusively for the students of Centre Point Schools.

The YAP program is a pathway for the students currently studying at Centre Point School, offering them an opportunity to study in the USA after class X, XI and XII.

Key features of the program
1. No SAT required.
2.Program cost 65% less than regular programs.
3. Save up to 2 study years.
4. Assured admission to top US universities.
5. Only for Centre pointers.


  • Time Saving students can opt for the program after class X to immediately after class XII.
  • No SAT requirements Usually students need to prepare for SAT, when they are studying for their class XII boards. SAT Waiver reduces stress.
  • Last 2 years with top universities when more degree specific curriculum is taught.
  • Transfer Universities include over 20 universities of which some are among top 100 universities in America and around the world.
  • Graduate degree of the university you pass out from.
  • Cost saving pay less fees for initial 2 years at GRC. Program cost 65% less than regular programs.
  • Educational and emotional counseling taken care of by assigning one counselor for each child out of a team of counselors.
  • Library, fitness center, gym, performing arts center, community center.
  • On – site student activities.

Testimony of students

(from right)Manav Majithia with Bjorn Myhre(Director of International Recruitment) & his Indian friend.

MANAV MAJITHIA:Pursuing Computer Science & Engineering

I have enrolled for the University Transfer Program at Green River College. I came here at the age of 16. My study plan at Green River is of 8 Quarters. I am currently in my second quarter. This program is time-saving as I can complete my High School Diploma and first two years of bachelor’s degree together in just 2 years. I will get an Associate Degree in my major, i.e Computer Science, and then transfer to any other prestigious university in the United States. I am aiming for transfer to the University of California, Berkeley.

The college is very nice. The campus is very big with a lot of facilities. There are many activity clubs at college and a lot of events to participate in throughout the quarter. You get to choose your subjects. You can choose class time which is suitable to you. You get an opportunity to interact with other international students from different countries. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Here you learn important responsibilities of international students and adapt to the American life.

If you are planning to study abroad, YAP is the best pathway to the United States. You don’t have to worry about SATs. This program is also money saving as it is less expensive than other universities in US.

I would recommend this program to all those who are planning to study abroad.

Admission Process

Step 1 - Prospectus + Application Form.

Step 2 - Submission of SOP, Recommendations, Age eligibility, Application form.

Step 3 - Interview with CPS panel.

Step 4 - Selection letter and payment of YAP fees.

Step 5 - Visa process.

Eligibility - Only for Centre pointers who are 16 years and above.

Programs offered

[A] 2 + 2 University Transfer Program
Each degree is 4 years. In this program the students will be doing 2 years at Green River College and secure a High School Diploma (equivalent to + 2) and an Associate Degree. (equivalent to half a degree)

On maintaining the requisite grades they will be transferred to a partner university of their choice for completing the next 2 years of study.

[B]Three Months program

  • Study 3 modules and earn credits that are transferable to a 2+2 program.
  • Earn the Young Achievers Certificate on program completion.

About GRC

  • Located in Auburn, Seattle.
  • 10,000 students.
  • 1,400 international students from more than 30 countries.
  • On-campus housing facility and home stay options.
  • Campus-wide wireless connectivity.
  • Tech Center with over 100 computers for student use.
  • Library with over 100 computers for student use.
  • Free internet and e-mail access for students.
  • Beautiful park-like campus filled with acres of green, trees & nature.
Strive Harder, Soar Higher - School Anthem
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Students can start academic year from any quarter

  • Spring Quarter: March through June–apply by 1st Jan.
  • Summer Quarter: June through August–apply by 1st Apr.
  • Fall Quarter:Sept. through December–apply by 1st Jul.
  • Winter Quarter: December through March–apply by 1st Oct.


  • Host families of your choice (subject to availability) – for 16-17 yrs.
  • On-campus apartments on sharing – 17 yrs. and above.

Call school office

Call school office to speak to the ‘School Coordinator’ or fix an appointment at a convenient time and date:

Amravati Bypass Branch: Mrs. Radhika Mehra

Katol Road Branch: Mrs. Delnaaz Kapoor

Wardhaman Nagar Branch: Mrs. Renu Muniyal

Dr. Ross Jennings – Senior Director of International Education at GRC during his visit to Centre Point Group of Schools, “This is my second visit to CPS, and not my last. Everyone was very gracious and hospitable at this fine school. We feel fortunate to have received a handful CPS students at our college so far, and look forward to serving more.”

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