Our Infrastructure

Our schools have a conducive environment for the mental and physical growth of our staff and students. The classrooms are spacious and digitally enabled with Teach Next and e-books. The state-of-the art science and computer laboratories make experiments and coding stimulating and the ergo-dynamically designed furniture ensures the students’ comfort. Our basketball courts, skating rinks, playgrounds, temperature-controlled swimming pools, badminton and tennis courts and cricket pitch provide access to physical activity for the students. There are well-stocked libraries, art rooms and multipurpose halls in each of our branches.

The schools are equipped with CCTVs and professional guards, fire evacuation plans and also bus services. We also have an infirmary under a qualified nurse along with healthy nutritious snacks and meals available in the school cafeteria.

Digitally Enabled Classrooms

All the classrooms across our campuses are e-enabled, complete with computers, projectors, speakers, and relevant software, such as e-Pathshala and Teach Next. In addition we also use e-books as part our learning process. Every subject has a library of e-content available for the teacher and students. All of these facilities go a long way in ensuring a wholesome learning experience for your child.


At CPS, we have specially designed modern laboratories and state of the art facilities to enhance the learning experience for every child

Outdoor and Sports

At CPS, we encourage outdoor and sports activities within the curriculum to so as to provide every child a holistic learning environment. Our campuses give children access to wide outdoor spaces to move around freely and play


Centre Point Schools are equipped with a fully stacked Sick Room. They have all the necessary medicines administered by a trained nurse to ensure that at least First Aid is administered in case of injury or sudden sickness. Additionally, parents are also informed in case the child continues to be uncomfortable.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of all students in our care is a matter of prime concern for us. The schools are equipped with CCTVs and Professional Guards.

In collaboration with the National Civil Defence College and CAC- All Rounder, the staff and students are regularly trained for Disaster Management techniques. Moreover a mock evacuation drill is conducted every 6 months in all the campuses under the surveillance of the Fire Department.


All the classrooms in all the campuses are e-enabled, complete with computers, projectors, speakers, and relevant software, such as e-Pathshala and Teach Next. Besides e-books are used. Every subject also has a library of e-content available for the teacher and students. All these go a long way in ensuring a wholesome learning experience for the child.

British Council

All the Centre Points are proud recipients of the International School Award of British Councilo so.

Mrs Sumathi Venugopalan (Principal, Wardhaman Ngr, & Mrs Renu Singh (Vice Prin, Katol Rd) are also British Council School Ambassadors.

Jenny Mosley Associates

Jenny Mosley and Quality Circle Time are synonymous for anyone who considers children’s mental health serious business. CPS teachers receive training and first-hand guidance from her. Moreover Ms Maya Menon is the in-country expert from Teacher Foundation, Bangalore who works closely with staff and students to ensure that QCT is conducted exactly the way it should be.


In its effort to bring global education within its portals, CPS has entered into many partnerships with schools across the globe. Under the aegis of British Council and Fulbright, in such partnerships teachers have visited schools of the partner country and their teachers to have visited and spent time with us. Such visits included collaborative projects, curriculum planning, observing and taking classes and in general, understanding the culture and customs of the partner country.

Notable among such partnerships are:

1. Threshfield Primary, UK

2. Heatside Secondary, Surrey, UK

3. Farndon Primary, Chester, UK


Most of the Centre Point Schools have buses running to and from schools to all parts of the city. Bus services are optional so those who wish to use other means to commute to school such as private vehicles, autos, vans, car pools etc may do so.


Centre Point School has the unique distinction of having among their very competent staff, two teachers who have been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and have been on Teacher Exchange Programmes with US schools and universities.

Mrs Meghmala Datta, senior History Teacher from CPS KR spent months with students of Buckhorn High School (USA) where she did her internship. She trained at University of Huntsville, Alabama. Stephanie Bodee from Alabama came as a cultural Ambassador to Centre Point School, Katol Road which was selected for the study of Indian Culture.

She came the following year as a guest to CPS KR through interaction with Mrs. Dutta.

The other Fulbright scholar from CPS was Mrs. Mousoomee Chatterjee. Ms Kim Wilson came from the US in interaction with her.

International Presence

Mrs Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director, in Univ of Toronto & Niagara Falls

Besides regularly receiving teachers and students from schools abroad, CPS staff members are often invited abroad. This exchange of ideas and experience greatly enhances the teaching-learning experiences in the schools.

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