Subtraction Calculators

Subtraction is a fundamental mathematical operation that involves taking one number away from another. It's one of the four fundamental operations in arithmetic, along with addition, multiplication, and division. You can illustrate subtraction to your child with the following example.

Let's consider an example: Sara initially had 8 mangoes. After giving 3 mangoes to her friend, how many mangoes does Sara have left?

Subtraction involves finding the difference between two quantities. This concept is not only vital in mathematics but also applicable in daily life situations.


Let's break down subtraction for your child:

Understanding the Components

Minuend: This is where subtraction begins. In 8−3, 8 is the minuend.
Subtrahend: This is what's taken away from the minuend. In 8−3, 3 is the subtrahend.
Difference: This is the result of subtraction, showing what's left. In 8−3, the difference is 5.
The Formula: Minuend−Subtrahend = Difference

Encourage your child to subtract the subtrahend from the minuend. They can use traditional methods like vertical subtraction. If the minuend digit is smaller than the subtrahend digit, borrowing helps find the right answer.

For example, if Sara gives away 3 out of her 8 mangoes, she'll have 5 left:

8−3 = 5

How to Use a Subtraction Calculator?

  • Enter the minuend (starting number).
  • Enter the subtrahend (number being subtracted).
  • Click "Calculate."
  • The calculator shows the difference between the numbers instantly.

The Formula: Minuend−Subtrahend = Difference

Ask your toddler to perform the subtraction by taking the subtrahend away from the minuend. (This can be done through traditional arithmetic methods, such as vertical subtraction.) After this, you will get the result of the subtraction operation. (In cases where the digit in the minuend is smaller than the corresponding digit in the subtrahend, borrowing will give you the right answer.)

So, if Sara gives away 3 mangoes from the batch of 8 to her friend, only 5 mangoes will remain.

Accordingly, 8−3 = 5

How To Use The Subtraction Calculator?

A subtraction calculator simplifies the process of finding the difference between two numbers, especially for large numbers or complex calculations.

To use a subtraction calculator online, let your kid follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start by entering the number from which you want to subtract another number (minuend).

Step 2: Next, enter the number that you wish to subtract from the minuend (Subtrahend).

Step 3: Once both numbers are entered, press the “Calculate” button.

Step 4: The subtraction calculator will instantly compute and display the difference between the two numbers.


How to Calculate Subtraction?

Subtraction is done by taking away the subtrahend (the number being subtracted) from the minuend (the number it's taken from) to determine the difference.

What is Subtraction for Class 4 students?

In Grade 1, subtraction is introduced as the process of removing objects from a group to see how many are left. This usually begins with simple, single-digit numbers. Teachers often use practical examples and encourage counting on fingers to help children grasp the concept.

What is Subtraction for Class 4 students?

By Class 4, students delve into more complex subtraction, involving multi-digit numbers and the concept of borrowing. For instance: 50-32 = 18.

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